Literacy Lifeboats Initiative         

Lucy Calkins and the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project have launched Literacy Lifeboats, an initiative to support teachers and children in schools that have been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. This effort cannot provide homes and roads, but it can help survivors remember that throughout history, people have used words to make sense of their lives, to reach for help, to reconstruct narratives of hope and resolve. Your tax deductible donation can provide hard-hit schools with an abundance of beautiful books, and with the rugs, easels, and bookcases that enable teachers to reconstruct literacy-rich classrooms. The initiative will also provide school principals with a contingency fund to meet the most crying needs of their community. With additional support from world-renowned writers, Literacy Lifeboats will help New York City’s K-8 schools that have suffered unimaginable losses, stay afloat and carry on.

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Tools for Readers and Writers (up to $99)
Backpacks of books, notebooks, beloved mentor texts
Class Parent ($3,000-$7,499)
Provide support for whatever is needed including libraries, technology, and an author's chair
The Book Club ($100-$499)
Sets of books for book clubs, inquiry projects and readers at particular levels
Principals' Fund ($7,500-$9,999)
Discretionary and emergency funds for school community needs
Classroom Library ($500-$2,999)
Rugs, book collections and bookshelves, whiteboards and other classroom technology, easels, flip charts
Adopt a School ($10,000+)
Funds that enable schools to meet their most desperate needs
Because the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with New York City teachers and principals for almost three decades, the organization is poised to provide immediate help at the points of greatest need. The TCRWP is donating time and personnel to organize and manage this effort, so every penny you give will go directly to the schools. This effort will help classrooms that have set the standard for literacy instruction across the world. The schools across NYC have been a source of inspiration and knowledge for hundreds of thousands of educators.

Now New York City needs a hand. Will you reach out to those who are suffering most?      Donate Now »

In Staten Island, the principal of P.S. 38 writes: “Teachers were in cleaning the school, working in the near dark, with mops and buckets brought from home. The school building survived, but their books, notebooks, copiers, were all destroyed.”

Another principal from Far Rockaway adds, “Words cannot describe how very devastating and traumatic this experience has been for our children. One family was trapped on their roof for ten hours with their four daughters. Our community is completely devastated and we do not know where to turn. Our school has always been a safe haven for our children and they want to be back.”

It was once said that “One of the best-kept secrets in this technically oriented culture is that simply speaking truth heals.” So many of our children have lost not just physical comforts—warm beds, secure homes—but a sense of being heard and supported. Please help us as we work to rebuild literacy-rich classrooms, places where our children’s words and stories matter, and where students can use literature and writing as a catalyst for growth and healing.

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Literacy Partners

  • Jacqueline Woodson

  • Yvonne Rodriguez

  • James Howe

  • Avi

  • Ernest Morrell

  • Tony Wagner

  • Pedro Noguera

  • Kylene Beers

  • Jack Gantos

  • Katherine Paterson

  • Christopher Paul Curtis

  • Smokey Daniels

  • Sarah Weeks

  • Jane Yolen

  • Georgia Heard

  • Walter Dean Myers

  • Carl Anderson

  • Pam Munoz Ryan

  • Katie Wood Ray

  • Katherine Bomer

  • Angela Johnson

  • Stephanie Harvery

  • Lester Laminack

  • Ellin Keene

  • Kathy Collins

  • Peter Johnston

  • Naomi Shihab Nye

  • Heidi Mills

  • Jim Trelease

  • Jon Scieszka

  • Carmen Agra Deedy

  • Mary Howard

  • Heidi Hayes Jacobs

  • John Hattie

  • Celia Oyler

  • Roy P Clark

  • Andrew Hargreaves

  • Stephanie Jones

  • Kate Montgomery

  • Tomie DePaola

  • Seymour Simon

  • Linda Rief

  • Jonathan Kozol

  • Sally Hampton

  • Dick Allington

  • David Booth

  • Randy Bomer

  • Tim Rasinski

  • Lois Lowery

  • Jeffrey Wilhelm

  • Marjorie Siegel

  • Kate Dicamillo
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Our Benefactors:

Literacy Lifeboats is comprised of generous and caring individuals and organizations that have contributed to the Fund. Each member has made one or more generous gifts.**

Adopt a School
     Bain Capital
     Brad and Kylene Beers Family Foundation
     Floyd J. Fletcher Irrovocable Trust
     The Marron Foundation

Principals' Fund
     Lucy Calkins

Class Parent
     Flint Hill School
     New York City Lab School
     Norwood School, Inc.

Classroom Library
     Rita Bongarten
     The Berkeley School
     Birch Elementary
     The Booksource
     Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center
     Kathy Collins
     Jennifer Crichton
     Mary Ann Ehrenworth
     Evans City Elementary
     Field Park Elementary School
     Galveston Elemenatary - Student Council
     GE Foundation
     Glatonbury Student Activities
     Mary E. Griswold School
     Stephanie V. Harvey
     Hammond School
     Hanover Center Sylvester School
     Sandy Hayes
     Hinesburg Community School
     Janyce Hoyt
     Isidore Newman School
     Irving School Student Council
     Heidi Jacobs
     Peter Johnston
     Hammond School
     Michael Edward Kahlo
     Rachel Knight
     Morgan Leff
     Less Corner Elementary School
     Jonathan Lovell
     Lovett School
     Alexandra Marron
     Jessica Martin and Renee Houser
     Mary-Delia Marshall
     Erin McGurk
     Mills Family Foundation
     Suzanne M. Murphy, in honor of Cheryl Tyler
     William J. and Susan O'Brian
     Brad Promisel
     Reynolds Education Association
     Gayle Rose
     Barry Rothman
     Royle School
     Mr. Douglas Ruud
     Marcy Streicher
     Kathleen Tolan
     Vermont Commons School
     Vienna Elementary School - Student Council
     Walden School of California
     Kyle Warren
     L.B. Williams Elementary School
     Pauline H. Yoo and Jahangier Sharifi

The Book Club
     Alina Alvarez
     Sharon Anderson
     Alan Appelbaum
     Lynn Appelbaum
     Arroyo Elementary School PTA
     Julie and Richard Artz
     Pana Asavavatana
     Mrs. Mary Anne Augustyn
     Mrs. Barad Morgan
     Darla Barker
     Barstow Memorial School
     Kathleen Bartelmay and Roger Perilstein
     Beacon Press
     Marcia and Robert Bedasse
     Elena Behar Lazarova
     Burt and Shannon Binenfeld
     Paula Bleakley and Radu Tarta
     Judith Bloch
     Board of Education School District 92
     Kelly Boland Hohne and Patrick Hohne
     Barbara Brown
     Sandy Brown
     Debra and Robert Buszko
     Bena Callick
     Mary Canner
     Shawn Carpenter
     Gabriel R. Carras
     W.E. Cherry Elementary School
     Claude Chester School
     Nikki Cole
     Linda Colquhoun
     Audrey Colwell
     Monica Coyle
     Elizabeth Culhane Kennedy and Brian Kennedy
     CRA Northwest Council
     Lora De La Cruz
     Laurie DeLia
     Peter DeWitt
     Marilyn DiMicco
     Karen Djorup
     Sally Donnelly
     Margaret L. Donovan Elementary School
     Elizabeth Dowey
     Joanna Dowey
     Robert Dransfield
     Allison Duffy
     Elizabeth Dunford
     Thomas Edison Elementary School
     Janet Egan
     Amy Einhorn
     Stacy Elsey
     Erin Sunshine Fund of Erin School
     Katherine Evans
     Kristen Evans
     Kimberley Eves
     Jennifer Fell
     Elizabeth Feller-Cibroski
     Margaret Fellinger
     Carla Fettig
     Tina Fincher
     Shari Finkelstein
     Scotti Finnegan
     Brenda Fissel
     Antoinette Marie and Robert Fornshell, in honor of Matt Byrnes, Stephanie Furman, Christina Hefele, Judith Pandolfo, and Elizabeth Wesolowski
     Jillian Franciscovich
     Tanya Friedman
     Susan Fuhrman
     Jack Gantos
     Nora Galvin
     Jo-Ann Gejay
     Faith Goldstein and Robert Goldstein
     Jessica Gower
     Nancy Grattan
     Lalla Grimes
     Susan Guernsey
     Karen Haag
     Janet Hale
     Dorcas Hand
     Amanda Hartman
     The Paul Hayne Circle Literary Society
     Rachel Hazelhurst and David Hazelhurst
     Paul Henderson
     Heidi Herald
     Hillcrest Elementary
     Hillcrest Faculty Social Club
     Harold E. Hirsch Foundation, Inc.
     Alex Hocherman
     Shannon May and Greg Homoelle
     Dana House
     Hubbard Woods Elementary
     Jacqueline Hurd
     Tracey Iglehart
     International School of Dakar
     Anthony M. Inzerrillo
     Elizabeth Janicak
     Kara Janis
     Jane Jawlik
     Aeriale Johnson
     Brenda Kallick
     Robert Kalman
     Nancy Kaplon
     Ellin Oliver Keene
     Julie Keese
     Thomas and Carole Keese
     Elizabeth and Brian Kennedy
     Maureen Kenner
     Judy Kessler
     Norma and Robert Kimzey
     Brandy King
     Lauren E. Kolbeck
     Tamara Koransky
     Laura Kotch
     Christine Lagatta
     LaCima Charter School
     Suzanne Lank
     Ruth Layne
     Sarah Longing
     Hallett Lovell
     Jonathan Lovell
     Natalie Louis
     Victoria Lugo
     Valerie Lyle
     Rina Manjarrez
     Lois Mann
     Margaret Maraia
     Natalie McAfee
     Sharon McCullough
     Martha McDowell
     April McDowell
     Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain
     Loretta Michealcheck
     Kaylin Miller
     Debbie Milner
     Jennifer Mitchell
     Judith Moeller
     Annie Mojica
     Montecito Union School
     Shelley Moran
     Grace Nall
     David Neifer
     Beth Neville
     Kathleen Neville
     David Nutt
     Alison Ogilvie
     Laurie Pandorf
     Lucretia Pannozzo
     Geoffrey Parkins
     Pennsbury School District
     Laurie Pessah
     Kate Pfister
     Amy Piacentino
     Grace Player
     Purchase Elementary School
     Mary Purtee
     Dolores Quinn
     Alexa Ragsdale
     Karen Randall
     Tracy Rankin
     Jennifer Rea
     Sheryl Reich and David Greenberg
     Wayne Reinholt
     Julia Reynolds
     Linda Rief
     Emily Rietz
     Vannessa Riggio
     Beth Roach
     Nancy Robbins
     Janice S. Robinson
     Judy Roth
     Pamela Ryan
     Saint Mary's School
     Salute Hyde Addison Elementary
     Jessica Salute
     Suzanne Salzler
     Kelly Sanders
     Anita Saunders
     Ryan Scala
     Terry Schreiber
     Alison Seevak
     Shady Side Academy
     Adriana Sheinbaum
     Rachel Sipe
     Marjorie Siegel
     Deirdre Simon
     Simon and Schuster
     Miles Skorpen
     Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain
     Kathryn Smigen
     Abby Smith
     Steven Smith
     Southington Public Schools
     Carolyn Spence
     Maia Starcevic
     Anthanette Stotts
     Emily Strang-Campbell
     Cory Stutts
     Ben Thompson
     Patricia Ann and James Tolan
     Barbara Torney
     Mary Lou Torre
     Jeanne M. Tribuzzi
     Mary Tumbleson
     Marsha Turner
     Eileen Tuzman
     Kimberly Vaiana
     Sue Vaites
     Veteran's Park School PTA
     Irene and Eugene Villalobos
     Julie Vincentsen
     Wendy Wachtel
     Reba Wadsworth
     Margaret Mary Warner
     Katherine Wears
     Sarah Weeks
     Sarah Weidler
     Tamara Weinstein
     Nicole and Eric Weldzius
     Jessica White
     Leslie G. White
     Kathy Wilkes
     Jean Winkler
     JoAnn Wong-Kam
     Melanie and John Woods
     Woodside Elementary School
     Alison Wylegala and Stephen Lewis
     Jennifer Yoo
     Leslie Zackman

Tools for Readers and Writers
     Christopher and Margareth Adams
     Anna Alexander
     Victoria Alessi
     Melissa Almonte and Otoniel Lopez
     Brian Arleth and Laura Fitzpatrick
     Stephanie Armstrong
     Judy Arzt
     Pamela Audet
     Alison Aylesworth
     Jose Baires
     Virginia Balicki
     Naomi Baumgarten and Michael Landsman
     Susan Benjamin
     Emilie Bennett
     Beth Berman
     Ana Bermudez
     Elizabeth Black
     Cathy and Michael Blair
     Nancy C. Bradbury
     Katie and Jeffrey Bramlett
     Robert and Judy Bregman
     Broad Brook Elementary School
     Marcy Anne Buergler
     Ledra A. Bugg
     Shivani Burrows-Goodwill
     Kathryn Calzini
     Ms. Brenda Carlson
     Ruby Carmen
     Suzanne Carroll
     Betsy Chadd
     Steve Chappell
     Elizabeth Chester
     Marianne Chrisos
     Anne Chubet-Mangiacopra
     Suzanne Cilli
     Daniel Coles
     Lysa Cook
     Carol Cook
     Ellen Copley
     Jessica Couch
     Patrica Coviello
     Courtney and Tim Coyne
     Tamara Crow
     Rachel Cunningham
     Tolan Patricia Cunningham
     Tiffany Davis-Nealy
     Brittany and Damian De La Torre
     Barb Decker
     Louise DeMatteo
     Stephanie Difrisco
     Kristin Doles
     Jodi Dooley
     Julie A. Droller
     Ann Drourr
     Julie Easa
     Michelle Epstein
     Amy Fabrikant-Eagan
     Tina Fincher
     Kitty Fischer
     Chic Foote
     Eileen Forrest
     Shana Frazin
     Sandra Freeman
     Carol Frachtman
     Ms. Laura Fuller
     Abbie Funke
     Kathryn Gaertner
     Mary Ann Gallo
     Brooke Geller
     Laura Germano
     Amanda Goodwin
     Mary Beth Gormley
     Heather Graff
     Letah Graff
     Karyn Grant
     Rita Gregory
     Rose Greco
     Ann Griffin
     Bruce Hale
     Teresa Hamilton
     Jennifer Hannis
     Jodi Hannis
     JoAnn Harris
     Janet Hayter
     Denise Hazen
     Susan Heins
     Shannon Hennrich
     Katia Herman
     Barbara Hiesiger
     Janet Holbrook
     Maureen Hollett
     Nancy Johnson
     Stephen and Sharon Johnson
     Cheryl Jones
     Janet Jones
     Vanessa Jones
     Susan Joseph
     Catherine Kakleas
     Patty Karatnytsky
     Judith Katsh
     Leigh Keichline
     Barbara Kinley
     Audra Kirshbaum Robb
     Stephen Klusas
     M. Scott Korpak
     Jeffrey Kost
     Terry Kuhlman
     Damien LaRock
     Sue Laurie
     Diana LeBlanc
     Michelle LeVasseur
     Sandra Levin
     Ann Levine
     Patricia Alecci Liviola and Lazaro Cutino-Jiminez
     Rebecca Loveless
     Lynda Lozier
     Peggy M. Luidens
     Jennifer Maehara
     Anne Marie Mancini
     Debbie Matz
     Tracy McCammant
     Tamra McIlvain
     Lisa Mercado
     Cynthia Mesenbrink and Randy Mesenbrink
     Theresa Middleton
     Emily Miller
     Ruth Miller
     Julia Anne Mooney
     Cristina Moreno
     Mirla Natalie Morrison
     Tracy Moskowitz
     Urania Mylonas
     Judith Nichols
     Julie Nichols
     Susan Nicholas
     Amy Nolan
     Tricia O'Brien
     Rebecca Odessey
     Karen Palmerini
     Tammi Palpant
     Candice Leah Pantano
     Michelle Passamano
     Geri Pelliccio
     Althea Perez
     Kathleen Plunkett
     Kristen Coyle Pologruto
     Stacey Porterfield
     Madeleine Pot
     Linda Price
     Timothy Rasinski
     Gretchen Renaud
     Suzan Reynolds
     Gina Richard
     Anne Robbins
     Margaret Beattie Roberts and Kate Roberts
     Meri-Jane Rochelson
     Tami Rosenstein
     Scott Rubin
     Christyn Sakowich
     Nancy Saugg
     Amy Schlussel
     Linda Schmidt
     Irit Schwager
     Vicki Scott
     Karen Sekeres
     Allison Serceki
     Laurie Shaw
     Barbara Silver
     Beth G. Slater
     Karre Sloan
     Jill Smith
     Lynne Smith
     Sandy Somerall
     Cathy Sprague
     Beth Stevens
     Jessica Claire Stillman
     Katie Stover
     Maureen Strelzik
     Caren Suarez
     Muriel Swersky
     Pam Tabb
     Anne Catherine Taranto
     Jill and Eric Tarpinian
     Jill Taylor
     Sarah Tchoryk
     Heather Temske
     Sharon Terry
     Christina Tettonis
     Susan Tomaszewski
     Christen Topolinski
     Mary Tristani
     Angela Tuttle
     Cheryl Tyler
     Karen Unger
     Laura and Nick Unger
     Verena Valck
     Van Wert City Middle School
     Christine Varnado
     Leslie and Arthur Viente
     Clarice Waage
     Christine Walsh
     Carrie Ward
     Donna Waters
     Rolston Cyril Watts
     Ms. Lee C. Webb
     Stuart Weiss
     Holly Welstein
     Karen Wetherell
     Jane White
     Jessica White
     Maureen Wilkas
     James Wilkas
     William B. Ward Elementary School
     Cynthia Williams
     Lunetta Williams
     Kathryn Wollenberg
     Deanna Young
     Rebecca Young
     Julia Yu
     Angie Zapata
     Nancy Zaugg
     Sue Ziara

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